That Perfect Trend, Start Up Project

That Perfect Trend, Start Up Project

We aim to raise funds for our new online business. That Perfect Trend

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Important Notice

I don`t want to ask people for free money to improve our own financial prospect, (Please see our Rewards Below section)  



We need your help to raise funds to get our new business up and running

 Two years ago we were made redundant. The thought of been unemployed filled me with dread. After searching the internet for various jobs, I soon realised it was not going to be easy 

 We decided to open our own online shop selling inspired designer furnture ,York Furniture Company was born.

Then a change to UK copyright law  was brought forward and means we can no longer sell inspired furniture. The goverment brought forward the EU law from 2020 to April 2017 and was signed of the week before brexit. This part of the furniture industry is in meatdown. We are now in turmoil!

We started this business from scratch over 18 months ago, but due to this new law we are having to close our business.


Our business is about to close, due to ministers that signed this new legislation and now have walked away leaving a complete car crash behind them. This has broke my heart and will put many people out of work. 


We are very entrepreneurial and will not be beaten. 

The Future Plan


We now looking at a  new venture and have decided to sell ladies fashion online . I am very passionate about creating the perfect style and  appearance for real woman.


We have lots of ideas on how to drive traffic and business to our website, but once again lack of funds proves difficult to execute them.


We have opened a facebook page to see the response and without any advertising we have had lots of  interest and requests regarding our new website ( which is now in process)

We are now looking for investors to help set up our new venture.

The investment will go towards  advertising, packaging, stock, software, extensions or plugins for the new website . 


We have various rewards available if none of these suit your requirements, please feel free to use them as gifts / charity /raffles to raise  funds for good courses


Or alternatively you can propose your own reward, this is a great (punt) for any investor

First sow the seed and then we will watch it grow together




Any donation will be much appreciated

Thank you!