New Start up business - Coffee Beans Coffee Machine

New Start up business - Coffee Beans Coffee Machine

New business start up help, receive a 10% bonus discount of your 1st purchase, then 2.5% off for life coffee machine / coffee / accessories

We did it!

On 17th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £60 with 2 supporters in 56 days

Let me introduce Coffee Beans Coffee Machines Ltd, I have set this up as a retailer with a point of difference.

I am are very much focussed on you the customer, yes we advertise and will be selling on Amazon and other shopping websites, however the primary target is for you to enjoy the whole experience of coffee machine ownership with every cup, therefore not only do we encourage you to come to visit our store by way of extra discounts, but we also want to spend time with you taking you through a coffee program and step by step machine guidance,  as it is my ambition that we find the coffee machine that best suit you and your needs / your desires / your functional expectations - in essence finding you the right machine without pressure, just relaxed factual information with absolutly no hard sell. 

Making your coffee at home offers so many advantages, not only is it far less expensive than any of the high street chains, it is also more convinient to have your coffee with you in your own special cup, a coffee that you have lovingly prepared with beans of your choice, ground to a courseness you have selected with a balance of coffee - water - perhaps milk that suits your taste perfectly.

The machines i have personally selected offer a versatile choice, from the very traditional Italian made Lelit which offer you to become a true Barista in your home with high quality mechanics and a focus on the more traditional methods, to the wonderful modern take of Nivona who's Swiss engineered bean to cup machines are world leading in innovation and yes you can make your coffee from your iphone as many of these have an App facility built in.   

Making coffee at home works out cheaper than you think, 1 coffee a day from high street = £1073 p.a

Based on a mid range coffee machine and coffee over a year, would cost you less than £815.52

(Based on machine cost of £750 + Coffee at £15 per KG). 

All our machines comes with a 2 year warranty, so for a minimum 1 coffee per day over 2 years you can save yourself in excess of £1000 and be drinking the coffee you want, with your favourite beans, made the way perfect for you, when you want it. 

You can work it out over longer periods, the saving is huge add this onto the other benefits can you afford not to invest in your own proper coffee machine. 

As a thank you for your investment in Coffee Beans Coffee Machines Ltd, i am offering you a short and long term thank you.  Your £50 investment I offer you an extra 10% discount off your initial order, then 2.5% off any subsequent purchases for life.

Therefore if you have a passion for coffee or class yourself as a coffee lover / geek! please help to get me started by a nominal donation of £50 of which you can save far more on your initial order with my offer to you today.

Please feel free to check out my website or email me for more information at  

Thank you for taking the time to read the information above, your investment will be hugely appreciated and well rewarded. 

Stephen Barnett 

Director of Coffee Beans Coffee Machines Ltd

07860 774214

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