New heating and lighting for Riding Mill

Replace old, inefficient cast iron boiler with new condensing boiler and change ceiling lights to LED.

Riding Mill Village Hall Trust maintains and manages the two community halls for the benefit of the residents of Riding Mill and its surrounding areas. The halls are always extremely busy with 25 regular clubs offering a wide range of activities suitable for all ages from the very young to the very old.

Our large, cast iron gas boiler is so old that nobody can recall when it was installed. It has an extremly slow response time and we would like to replace it with a new condensing boiler. It is anticipated that following the change, the efficiency of the boiler will improve from 50% to 90%+.

We would also like to change the ceiling lights to LED. It is expected that changing the lighting will reduce wattage usage by more than 80%.

Heating and lighting costs are a significant proportion of our costs and we believe that these improvements will reduce our utility bills by around £2k per annum.

We are strongly of a view thst the new boiler will ensure that the room temperature in the hall is at its optimum for specific users and that it will always be warm, and welcoming.

When installed, it will be possible to monitor the heating remotely. This should avoid the need for the caretaker to check the hall each night to check that the heating has been switched off and/or the thermostat turned down.

Changing to LED will not only reduce costs but will provide a much better light (brighter but diffused) for the benefit of all hall users.