This project will give supervised access to Tablets to enable two different social groups to be Digitally Included

we will help 16 to 24 year olds classified as NEETs Not In Employment Education or Training and

Over 50's to  over come barriers with technology.

We Aim to

- Assist them in applying for jobs and training

- Help them to be Digitally Included

- Create email accounts

- Use Skype

- Create 3 D Objectsusing a 3D Printer Protocycler that uses Recycled Bottles

- Access 'how to' resources related to a specific area of employment

- Access resources from the local authority London Borough of Enfield

We take a fresh aproach to helping young people to find employment.

We look at the whole person and what skills and ability they currently have

We build on the postive and develop skills that need to be improved.

Technology can help to stimulate cognitive activity by learning how to use a device and playing on-line games ie chess and word search.

This project also aims to tackle social isolation and bridge the generational gap between young people and seniors creating harmony and social cohesion