Need help to realize my wedding

Need help to realize my wedding

I need a money for my wedding party hopefully there is someone who are willing to help

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 23rd Dec 2016 our project closed


my name is Reza from belitung island indonesia

I had  a plan to get married in January next year with my girlfriend, and like most people I also want to make a wedding feast, and invited my wife for vacation and start a small business

 just to be honest almost one year  I did not get the job and I only have little savings of money,

I would not make a touching story  to get your attention

I just hope there is anyone who is willing to help me to realize my wedding, I want to start a new life with the person I love, together to build a life from begining,

I only have one month before the party is held, I needed the money to pay for multiple purposes including buying jewelry.

maybe this sounds strange, asking for money from others for my  own wedding, but I really hope that anyone would help me with sincerity,

because however like another people I also wanted something memorable for wedding moment,

I do not know to whom I should ask for help, I hope you can help me

Thank you for your attention and for your donation