The Nuclear Deterrent Campaign

The Nuclear Deterrent Campaign

The NDC is an organisation and pressure group founded to advocate for the United Kingdom’s vital nuclear deterrent.

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Who we are

The Nuclear Deterrent Campaign (NDC) is an organisation and pressure group founded in 2017 to advocate for the United Kingdom’s vital nuclear deterrent, as well as to challenge a slowly rising unilateralist movement, which would see a crucial component of our nation’s defences removed entirely.

We aim to increase the general public’s knowledge, understanding and support of our nuclear deterrent, and help facilitate them engage in all of the democratic processes that will enable our deterrent to retain its important role in keeping us and future generations safe and at peace.

We also hope to operate and engage constructively with politicians from across the country and from all political parties, to help ensure that the voices of those who support our deterrent is heard by them just as loudly as those of individuals who oppose it.

Why we are needed

For many years in Britain, a unilateralist movement which would ultimately see our nuclear deterrent abolished has been growing. In the most recent UK general election, a majority of the parties elected to Westminster either opposed or were not fully committed to the retention of Britain’s nuclear deterrent.

Furthermore, surveys show that the amount of people that support Britain's nuclear deterrent constitutes only a sliver of a majority. In a poll conducted by ORB in 2016, it was estimated that around 51% of the British public supported the renewal of Trident, while an estimated 49% of the British people either opposed full renewal or were lukewarm to the idea. With a rise in unilateralist populism, this majority could soon evaporate and lead to a party or coalition being elected that would abolish the UK's deterrent from our defensive arsenal.

What we will do

In promoting and pursuing our objectives, the NDS will work in a variety of different ways over the coming months and years.

Public liaison

One aspect of our duties shall be conveying the benefits of our deterrent to the general public through a number of avenues, including but not limited to the following:

  • Street interaction – Volunteers will hand out leaflets and engage with the public on the street, informing of them of why our deterrent is important.
  • Demonstrations – We hope to lead demonstrations and protests in support of Britain’s nuclear deterrent. Many of these will likely be counter-demonstrations aimed at showing a visible opposition to opponents of our deterrent, such as the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.
  • Television & Radio – We hope to have a public spokesperson who will be made available to television channels and radio stations, should they need to hear from a voice in support of Britain’s nuclear deterrent.
  • Social media – We will make use of social media platforms to increase support for the organisation and for our nuclear deterrent.
  • Our website – The official website of the NDC will host information about our nuclear deterrent for the general public, as well details on NDC events and information on how to support our organisation.

Political liaison

The NDC will interact with and appraise local and national politicians. Such a role would include the following:

  • Lobbying – We will play an important role in lobbying politicians to support Britain’s nuclear deterrent.
  • Candidate appraisal – From 2018, the NDC hopes to appraise MPs and prospective candidates for parliament on whether or not they support Britain’s nuclear deterrent. This information will then be made available to the public, so that the electorate can make clear and informed choices at the ballot box.

Member liaison

The NDC will offer the following services to its members:

  • Newsletter – we will publish and distribute a periodic online newsletter to our members.
  • Meetings – From 2018, we will host periodic meetings.
  • Annual conference – From 2018, we hope to host an annual conference.

How funds will be spent 

Any money raised for the Nuclear Deterrent Campaign here on Crowdfunder will go towards the following:

  • Office rental
  • Office equipment and furniture
  • Banners, placards and leaflets
  • Website maintenance and hosting costs
  • Venue hire costs for meetings/conferences
  • Event insurance for meetings/conferences

Become a member of the NDC

If you support our aims and are committed to our nation's long-term security, why not join the NDC now and become a member?