Natural Switch

Natural Switch

To raise enough money to fund a community natural health project.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Through supporting the integration of natural ways of living in our community, we hope to create the feeling of discovery in developing a personalised natural lifestyle. We hope that you find knowledge and inspiration on your journey with us.

The internet is booming with information regarding ways in which we can live more natural lifestyles. At Natural Switch we understand that many of our fast paced lives don't always allow us the time to do the extensive, essential, research needed to meet our individual lifestyle needs. That's why we will be offering a fully personalised, comprehensive natural lifestyle plan.

Our innovative plan encompasses natural diet, alternative medicine, homemade product coaching, herbalism and aromatherapy, along with an integrated referral system so you can find your local natural recourses. Delivering the most efficient way for you to easily switch to a more natural way of life. Creating a smooth transition in to a natural, healthier way of life.

Prior to the launch of our website we are aiming to build a natural network in the community. We hope to be holding events with guest speakers, giving free guides and advice, running competitions and connecting with those of you that want to switch to a more natural lifestyle.