My Community Fish Box

A Community project Emsworth, Hampshire, United Kingdom

My Community Fish Box

Supplying the local community with fresh fish direct from local inshore under 10 meter boats, who use low impact sustainable methods.

They did it!

On 9th Aug 2015 we successfully raised


of £2,300 target

42 backers


28 days

New stretch target

If we were to gain over target we would use the money to buy extra items such as filleting knives to give away, machinery to help with preparing fish and put some towards another free community event, which we would hold during the British Food Fortnight event.

Project aim

A community supported fishery based in Emsworth & Chichester supplying the local community with fresh fish direct from local inshore under 10 meter boats, who use low impact sustainable methods.

About the project

We are a local Community Supported Fisherybased in Emsworth Hampshire, we have collection hubs in Emsworth & Chichester and soon Langstone. Our vision is to supply local people with sustainably caught fresh fish and shell fish.

We educate/learn people how to use less common fish such as Gurnard, Mullet, Gar Fish and more. We hold community events on sustainable fishing, filleting lessons and work with the community as much as possible.

The UK under 10 meter fleet have such a small quota to catch fish now that it is near impossible for them to make a living. Our boats that we use are all about sustainability and freshness, are fish that people eat are no older than 6 hours out of the sea!

We have set up a community supported fishery and whatever fish is caught by our local day boats, it's brought in to our local community and sold at only £6 per kilo. Buyers sign up to a 12 week season, so the fisherman can have a regular income. £5 goes to the fisherman so they get a fair price for their catch and £1 in the pot to use for things we may need at the collection point.

We also would like to hold more education days for adults and chilren to interact with fresh fish and sea fish, we don't over fish, we don't target species, we want to substain a healthy fisherie for years to come. We need to be able to purchase ice machine, tanks and fish skinners to keep the hubs running.

For every 30 members on board, we can provide another local fisher with a regular income.


We really need to raise funds for a ice machine, this will keep our catch fresh and ensure that all of our fish can remain within our local community.


You can visit our website to find out more about us at:

Greenpeace are fighting our cause