Music Studies & Dj Work

A Music project Plymouth, Devon

Music Studies & Dj Work

To help fund my studies and to progress with my musical abilities and take big opportunities that have been offered to me!

Here is a little bit about me and who I am

Where to start?!

Firstly I've been working with some extremley out of date equipment currently, but a lot of opportunities have arisen for me too perform but I don't have the money to buy suitable equipment that is reliable enough for me to accept these opportunities and progress with the career that I wish and dream to have!

Also within this funding it would really help with my studies for the next few years to progress with my music work as unfortuntaly I now do not qualify for any funding due to my age and have to 'Go it alone', It would help me to have the suitable software that I need to achieve my qualifications & improve with the skills that I have already learnt through production and Djing. 

Obviously I started out on little beginner decks when I first started and now really feel I need to progress with my equipment as I have progressed with my skills over the few years I have been learning.

Music has been my only ever passion and I am extremley determined to make what I want to succeed with a little guiding help along the way! I have worked extremley hard to get where I am today within what I want to do and really believe with a little extra help I can push this right to the end!

These are all the reasons why I have started this project. Thank you for everyone that takes the time to read a little bit about me and for all of you that decide the help fund me a big thank you too. 

And of course if I do become famous you will all get VIP Tickets to my events ;)

Below is a picture of me promoting myself for a night relying purely on extremley dodgy equipment but not wanting to turn down the chance!105856-1d1bd7d6b2a1d1bf8bd0a75e06d7235b.