MSc Psychology

Hello my name is Dee and I am on a journey to become a qualified Clinical Psychologist.

Hello my name is Dee and I am on a journey to become a qualified Clinical Psychologist. I would be grateful for any help with funding to help pay for my MSc Psychology tuition fees at the University of East London which commences in October 2016.

I am both interested and fascinated in the science concerned with the mind and behaviour. I would like to gain a thorough understanding of human behaviourism and explore mental processes whilst developing my own critical thinking. 

The main reasons I would like to enter the field is that I would like to positively impact the lives of people through strength, belief and confidence. I have always enjoyed helping and empowering others to help themselves. Satisfaction for me would be interacting with people, allowing them to realise, learn and develop their own strength, enabling them to reach their full potential. To be able to inspire an individual who was demotivated or uninterested is a strong desire of mine and to help change their negative thought process in a positive one and to challenge their fears during their journey.

I am interested in the clinical psychology branch concerned with mental illness and psychiatric problems such as drug induced psychosis as a direct result of of taking a range of drugs that can be abused such as; amphetamines, opiates, cannabinoids and their psychological action and effects.
This course will help to provide me with a firm foundation, the necessary skills, knowledge and abilities; enabling me to progress onto a PhD in Clinical Psychology, enabling me to work with patients who have drug induced psychological/mental health problems.