MSc in Global Food Security and Development

Help me fund Masters in Global Food Security and Development.

Hi my name is Chetna and I am looking for help with funding to pay for my MSC course in Global food development and security which starts this September. I graduated last year from Nottingham Trent University with degree in BA (Hons) Politics.

Help me fight food poverty!

From a early personal interest in current affairs and glob al issues, my spesific interest in global food security developed throughout my undergraduate studies at Nottingham Trent University. My final research dissertation for my BA (Hons) Politics degree included a study of climate change. During my research, I came across articles relating to agriculuture and food security issues and was deeply saddened to find out that accroding to the United Nations "795 million people in the world " live without food to maintain a healthy active life (FAO,2015).

This research further led my passion for understanding the issues relating to food securtiy and inter-related issues topics, which I started to research outside of the remit of my dissertation. These experiences have led to my desire to not only understand but to affect change through future career aspirations, helping to promote the message that everyone should have access to food which is healthy and nutrious. The MSc Global Food Security and Development course, particularly the innovations for food security modules, will support my continued  ambitious development and my understanding of the policy and regulatory processes in the agrifood sector.

I am a believer of giving back to the community which is why I volunteer at the Tressell Trust food bank.


The cost of the masters is 5,900, however as I graduated with Nottingham Nottingham Trent university I will recieve a discount of 25% which brings it to 4,425.

I have a part time job which will help contribute towards my masters but that only goes so far, so I am turning to crowd funding to help to help with the rest of the cost.

I have set the target for 5,000 as I also need to consider the 6% crowdfunding fee and debit card costs.