Moving on theatre /Raising mental health awareness

A Film and Theatre project High Wycombe, United Kingdom

. Moving on theatre is my work and my mission is to eradicate the stigma of mental illness and Bpd Please join and support me thank you

 Moving on theatre is a theatre company that supports and raises awareness of mental health Bpd and therapeutic communities where Laurene learnt how to stay well..

We tour a show about Piaf " Love Conquers all"

Laurene Hope the founder plays the music Drama and breakdowns of Piaf and stays healthy without the need for medication 

" Theatre is my medicine when I  perform I don't need anything else it's my therapy" 

Next year we will be touring a new show about " Maria Callas too"  


We are looking for financial support to help us keep running the theatre company 

we need to pay venues but costumes and pay a publicist to enable Laurene To get on the media to talk about Bpd and how it can be managed without medicaiton in therapeutic communites.