Moulton Village Hall Goes Green

Requires a heat pump and LED lighting to go green!

A vibrant village deserves a building with a comfortable environment for our user groups while helping us to save both energy and money.

This is who we are doing it for!

Exercise Groups - Pilates, Line Dancing, Tai Chi, Yoga and Aesthetics Athletics.

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         Flower arranging                              Dog Training

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Youth Groupsd96267738f007a7c3317be2c7780a8f1.jpg             3bde806bee1a892e671c3fd8595e750c.jpgcb4bb2a82f2cef85a3d05f34a19bce2d.jpg      ff9a2df38a7758672cfc262d40ce8221.jpg       33b02e5601e38f9312c806058067116c.jpg

                                 48867418632e11ff642ca565df2226ce.jpg                                             Lace Makersbfbb6a28a327279daa122699abc6d902.jpgPop Insf91066ae4d16827365f4743ce44cfddc.jpg                             Ladies Club 2ea226f091b4f0bb10f70db74ba15bb0.jpg

Tots and Carers8fdb16cbb4a28bee61af5773ebf8f965.jpg After School Club5de6638258da849851852fd8c8ac9a3c.jpg

We are an active fund raising committee and have already updated one our smaller rooms from last year’s fundraising events and the help and support of our members and others in the community that came to help.

Fund raising activities - Spring Fair




Carol Singing


Last Night of the Proms                           


Garden Crawl and Scarecrow Competition 2c31055530d5185425232f6191870f0a.jpg

We plan to remove an old heating system part of it dating back to the Victorian age to install a heat exchange air conditioning heat pump system and remove old neon lighting and install Led lighting in our Village Hall

We seek funding to meet the cost of purchasing and installing these systems favouring a local firm to do much of the work

Moulton is the primary village of an extensive Fenland parish, over 16 miles (26 km) in length.

Historically here in the Fens isolation has made it difficult to build up and maintain a rich community life culturally, socially, economically and intellectually. As such villages like Moulton are all the more important and their amenities are essential to the wellbeing of the wider community. The community centre and the village hall are the sole amenities for Moulton, whose entire purpose is to enrich the lives of the people of Moulton. A recent mapping exercise has identified many groups rely on our facilities for their existence

This unique situation at the heart of the community requires that we go to every possible length to make the buildings accommodating and congenial, to encourage maximum participation by the widest range of users. Moreover we seek to attract more users. A reliably heat controlled environment will appeal to newcomers. Moulton Village Hall is over 100 years old, We currently have in place a mixture of the old Victorian radiators and some other radiators that are now over 20 years old

The lighting too is a mixture of different lighting installed over the years. As well as draining our resources our facilities are not meeting the needs of our users groups. Some groups require warmth others need the cool. We are finding one group such as a high impact exercise class is opening windows losing precious heat. The yoga group, needing a warmer environment turns up the thermostat.

We judge that this project is a vital improvement so that no one should be excluded on the grounds of health, safety or comfort, and so we can apply our modest resources where they will make the most difference to the quality of life to the whole community, rather than simply go wastefully up the chimney.

At present we host a wide range of culturally diverse activities in the Community Centre and Village Hall as already described. We have provided some ad hoc techy events, which have been very successful in helping all ages understand information technology from which we had positive feed back.

With a more reliable and economic lighting and heating we would like to invest in these on a regular basis. We have had enquiries from a dementia and a mediation group. We would like to facilitate these groups in the future

All our users deserve a comfortable environment where they can enjoy themselves and thrive.

Right now we don’t ask you for money or your time we simply need your vote.

Many Thanks

The people of Moulton