Motability house renovation

Motability house renovation

Trying to raise funds to help family with motability needs to renovate there property to help with daily needs


of £20,000 target




days left

We are trying to raise funds to help a family in desperate need they have been through the mill in recent years has the wife nearly lost her life they then lost a daughter at 2 and half weeks old and now the husband has got a brain tumour and a crumbling spine they struggle around the house they need the help to renovate the house so everything is on one level for them has they can't get help from anyone else we want to do this so they can get there lives back on track and make life easier for them and family the husband also suffers from blackouts and have fallen down the stairs on dozens of occasions and is lucky to still be alive please let us raise enough money for everything can be done for them they where a big part of the community has he ran a football team for unders 12s and a disability team they would all ways help other people out with lifts to the shops and all ways done Christmas dinners for the elderly at Christmas this family is a blessing