Student Film - Mortem

Student Film - Mortem

Creating a 30 minute coming of age, psychological thriller, set in the afterlife. Following the journey of a young man who wasted his life.

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A young man named Daniel finds himself in purgatory awaiting judgment. He can’t remember who he is, but soon comes to realise his predicament. When an embodiment of Death appears before him, telling him that though he is dead, there is a way for him to return to the world of the living, he does as anyone would do and accepts. To return to life he will have to relive painful memories and discover the truth of how he got there. But, it won’t be so simple. He’ll have to survive the Forsaken souls of the dead, escape from his prowling deadly sin and most challenging of all, overcome the weakness of his own character.

About Us

We are a group of 2nd year students at The University of Salford Film Production. We are ambitious and so decided to look for some funding to pull of our latest project, now titled 'Vivet'. We each have our own specialist areas as well as a range of experience on previous short films.  

The Team

- Josh Warwick

- Camden Nightingale

I'll be director for 'Vivet'. The last film I directed was 15 minutes, now I'm looking to push for 30. 

- Andreea Cristina Tudor

- Kat Karnak

- William Jordan

- Chloe Mullen

- Johnny Hartin

- Luke Bravin

How Your Pledge Will Help

As we are being as ambitious as we possibly can with this project we require funding. This funding will effect a variety of areas.

Actor's Expenses -

We aim to pay our actors for their transport and provide food. 

Practical Effects -

We have a variety of practical effects which require a various amount of supplies such as wood, a hose, nails and grips to create a rain machine. This also includes the make-up needed for our make-up artists.

Locations -

A few of our locations will require a booking fee.

Miscellaneous - 

 We feel as though we should allocate room for our own personal travel costs as well as printing costs and emergency funds.


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