Morgan's World Challenge

Morgan's World Challenge

Young adult Journalist, photographer, explorer, builder, improver, go getter!

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 28th Oct 2016 our project closed

Hi everyone! 

I am currently looking for help in allowing me to pursue many dreams. LET ME STRESS THIS ISNT ME WANTING A FREE HOLIDAY!!  Let me tell you about myself I am currently in year 10 of a grammar school and have been offered the opportunity of a life time. I have been brought up alone by my mother who is a full time active military engineer. We have had to make many family sacrifices and yet I have had more opportunities than most. Unfortunately I do not wish to follow mum, I want to explore the world and hi-light the issues of a modern world. This said the opportunity has arisen to travel for four weeks to Costa Rica and Nicaragua. During this time independently I shall plan my trip and tailor it accordingly. Being keen to pursue a career in investigative journalism and photography this is the best start I could only dream of. I shall be completing community projects whilst gaining more life experience than money could possibly buy. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy my fundraising journey!