More United's General Election Fund

To help elect a new generation of MPs on June 8 to fight for a more united, less divided Britain.

£72,818 raised of £100,000 stretch target 73 %
1990 supporters 40 days left

New stretch target

You are change makers!

You have already smashed through our target, creating an hefty pot of money for us to build our progressive, moderate force in parliament. Every penny counts.

But let's not stop there. Let's set our sights even higher. Can we hit £100,000 before June 8? This would put us at £374,000 combined from both funds, which makes it possible for us to support more candidates and have a real impact. 

Candidates backed by More United will need funds and support BEFORE June 8. So pledge today so we can help them campaign as early as possible to give them the very best chance!

Facebook post, tweet and shout in the streets.  This is our moment to take back our political system: "when my children ask in the future "What did you do to halt the madness?", I want to be able to say I did something." (More United Member, April 2017).

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On June 8 there is going to be a snap General Election. For the first time ever, you can influence the outcome. 

Donate now to More United's crowdfund to help elect MPs who support our values, regardless of their party colours. 

We want to support as many candidates as we can, so that we can help elect a strong core of MPs to fight for our values in parliament. 

The more money we raise, the more candidates we can support - simple. If you donate, you become a member of More United and get to vote on which candidates we back. 

Story so far

More United is a 75,000+ strong movement giving you the chance to influence politics. Launched last year, we've already raised the biggest political crowdfund in British history, and elected two MPs in Richmond and Stoke-on-Trent. 

But we need to go bigger. Much bigger. 

This is a huge opportunity for us to do something completely new in British politics. To change our future from one of division to one of unity.

How are candidates selected?

There is a three-step process for supporting candidates:

  1. They support our values
  2. They are standing in a seat which, with our help, they can win
  3. Our members have voted to support them  (to become a member and get a vote, all you need to do is donate to our crowdfund)

Once chosen, we'll give them support where they need it most to help them win. For some, that will be a donation, for others that will mean mobilising volunteers and supporters in their constituency.

Our Values

“We are more united than the things that divide us”

Inspired by Jo Cox MP’s maiden speech, we’re making a stand for unity and inclusion in politics - we reject hatred and division. We will only support future MPs who sign up to these values:

Opportunity: a fair economy that bridges the gap between rich and poor.
Tolerance: a free, diverse society where our differences are celebrated and respected.
Democracy: real influence over politics.
Environment: do everything possible to tackle climate change and protect our environment.
Openness: welcome immigration, believe in bringing down international barriers, not raising them, and have a close relationship with Europe.

Sound like the kind of politics you can get behind? Donate to this crowdfund to make our future More United.

What does your money do?

Your donation will ensure More United can make the biggest difference possible in this election. That means supporting our chosen candidates in their campaigns and making sure we can raise even more money in this election. Candidates backed by More United will need funds and support BEFORE June 8. So pledge today so we can help them campaign as early as possible to give them the best possible chance! More details about More United can be found on our website or on our FAQs page.