This App Will Change The Live Music Scene

KEEPING LIVE MUSIC LIVING In this year alone, eight live music venues have closed down in Plymouth. The local music scene is fighting...

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 19th Dec 2016 our project closed


In this year alone, eight live music venues have closed down in Plymouth.
The local music scene is fighting for survival in one of the most up-and-coming cities in the UK, as it's platform for the creative arts and culture is pulled out from under it's feet.

Modest Owl is a community project developed to rebuild and promote the live music and nightlife industry through the use of an intuitive and slick mobile app and website.

Ourfirst generation beta phase  will provide members and participants access to the following features:




































Our mobile app and website work as a tailor-made journey to each individuals personalised music experience.
As an all-in-one comprehensive platform the Modest Owl provides you with anything and everything you need to know about your local music scene. By recommending bands, artists, and DJ's to each persons particular taste in music, giving members access to every venue as an informative communications and music platform. 
This not only serves as an extensive events platform, but also as a listening interface to constantly be made aware of new local music as an enhanced social media network. As well as working as a comprehensive advanced gig and events guide, intergrated with location services and venues, providing and recommening to each individual an informative and safe nightlife.

This simple concept of Modest Owl has the ability to change the way people approach live music, along with the tools for live music and the local scene to reach it's full potential. This is our chance to rebuild and advance our industry into the current age we live in, and continue to grow and expand it's borders and boundaries.

As we proceed to invest our time and energy into this project, we ask for support and finance to fund the ongoing research and developement of our application, website, and local music industry.
Our targets are set to cover the costs of development and implementation, everything raised is used to build our local industry and anything above and beyond is put back into locals venues and artist funds.


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