Mobile car valeting

I have been working as a baker for 16 years and I wanted to changed my career such I can start enjoying my family live than working...

I have been working as a baker for 16 years and I wanted to change my career so I can start enjoying my family life than working unsociable hours and not having much of a life. 

I have always had a passion for cars since I was little and when I passed my driving test I was always washing and polishing my car and the rest of the family cars too. I have now started doing some car valeting jobs when I have spare time so I can start getting more customers to start up a business. My goal is to be a full time mobile car valetor which I would love to be. 

The only problem I have is I don't have that much money behind me to get all the tools I need. I can buy a small van myself but it's stocking it up with cleaning tools I only have a wet and dry Hoover and pressure washer and my own small supply off cleaning shampoo and polish I use on my own cars and family and friends.

To make my business I'm needing to buy a water tank and pressure hose and power supply so I can get pressure from the water to use the hose and be able to use the power for hoovering and have a waste tank for dirty water when shampooing the car seats and floors and buying stock of shampoo and polish and tar and bug remover and loads more cleaning solutions to make the car look like its come from the show room 

I have started my business and so far it's been going great I've had a 6 valeting jobs since I've started up this week. I can only do the valets at customers home or my home at the moment due to having no power source or water supply in the van at the moment. If I got my pledges upto £1,000 would be great for me to get the rest of the supplies I need to make my business even better. If anyone can help that be great thank you