mobile bicycle mechanic

A Business project Lymington, United Kingdom

mobile bicycle mechanic

Mobile bicycle mechanic servicing and repair in lymington and the surrounding area, at your place of work or home

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 20th Oct 2016 our project closed



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Finally doing something that i enjoy!! I need to get my cytech mantenance started, Please help me get onto the right path and get my course booked and started!!!!  So im looking at starting my own business and becoming a mobile bicycle mechanic, I live in the new forest with alot of potential for this business idea to work there are alot of cyclists that commute through the forest also there are alot of cycle enthusiasts that use the new forest and sorrounding areas for lesuire,  meaning that there is a need for a mobile mechanic to be out and about to help if anybody needs it, i will be able to travel to there place of work or home if any issues with the bike arises on hand to service/repair, also any potential issues if anybody needs me while they are about in the new forest so they dont have to walk home, i hear you say "what about the winter months" ? well if the mobile mechanic works out right then hopefully by the winter months i will potentially have a base to work from a small unit with workshop/retail area to sell accessories and bike related goodies.