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Loving father ripped from daughter's life. Please shine hope in dark place: loan/funds/barrister for imminent appeal case. With gratitude.

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Loving father ripped from loving daughter's life. Please shine hope in dark place: loan/funds/barrister/messages of support for imminent appeal case. With gratitude and thanks.

  "A family court judge failed to give due weight to a "Daddy, I will always love you ..." message his daughter wrote on a bathroom mirror when deciding that he could not see the youngster.

He told the Court of Appeal that the judge had not taken into account the "good things" about his relationship with the little girl – including her mirror message, which read: "Daddy, I will always love you forever whatever anyone says.""



This fund campaign is to support a father to have the truth heard. He desperately wishes for his daughter to be with him again and for her to experience again his love and care and most importantly to heal from the trauma of separation. He hopes that this will become more possible when the truth is properly attended to.

Legal aid has been severely cut by Government and is not available (link to University of Warwick's report on this).  The father has a chance  to have this heard before the Court of Appeal and he has a barrister that has agreed to act confidently on his behalf, on a direct access basis to represent him in the upcoming hearing. But payment must be in full and prior to work and the father is desperate - without any funds - and so makes this urgent plea for help to have the truth and integrity of the relationship restored to his daughter's life and his. He is grateful for help in what ever form funds/loan/barrister's time and effort/ messages of support. - Messages  can be sent via this site or to mirrordad@yahoo.com

For legal reasons identities must be kept secret.


Many many thanks for the help and messages already sent.

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As someone having to manage their own case there are many lost hours being able to do anything to earn the above in the time available.


These loving pictures and messages are drawn by her and show a glimpse of the fun, affection and love she shares with her father and a  family whom she deeply loves and who deeply love her.