M I C T L Á N , a photobook

MICTLÁN ,  photobook.  This campaign aims printing 10 models of a photobook to send to editors/photobook contests/festivals.

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MICTLÁN ,  photobook 

This book desires to be a spiritual journey, a diagram about death and life. The sequence opens lightly to become more disconcerting, moving itself through a sinister language. The images are always searching the symbolic and primitive value of things –their soul; allowing the reader to connect to other dimension. Searching to transmit, by a set of photos, a different vision what life is about – since an intimate experience offer by Ayahuasca, these images reflect a deep trip in Latin America

bio & info

Maria Novo | 1993 ~ Porto, Portugal 


Master Degree Student at Blank Paper (Madrid, ES)- Photobook
Master Degree Student at FAUP (Oporto, PT) - Architecture


Hi there!

My name is Maria and I'm a studying at Blank Paper in Madrid. 

I'm doing a photobook and at the end of the course it will be given to me one printed model of my book. I’m doing this campaign so I can print ten more models of the book to send to editors or photobook contests with Artes Gráficas Palermo. The budget asked for printing 10 more models is 560€ and then I'll need to pay the artist, that is designing the cover of the book, 150€. 

If I don't reach the entire goal, I'm going to self-publish the photobook because I would like to share my vision. 

 I'll be very grateful to you because with your help I'll be able to do my work and realize a dream!  

If you want more information about the book or the budget write to my e-mail please!