MGM(Marvels Garden Maintainance) Tree Surgeon

Give a man a fish and he will eat that day. Give a man a rod and teach him to fish and he will eat for the rest of his days!

Give a man a fish and he will feed his family that day. Give a man a fishing rod and teach him to fish and he will feed his family for the rest of his days.

I am a Young man of 34, I am married and have 5 children including my step son. I left school with nothing more than GCSE's, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, no career prospects, no goal, no aim in life. I have taken the long way around but now I finally have an idea and a plan and a clear path out of poverty. I want to be a self made man, I don't want to rely on state benefits any more, I want to make my own way in life. I want to be able to support my family by myself, I hate feeling like this, dependent on the state to support me and my children. I have a business idea and the beginnings of a business plan, I can see a clear way out. I don't like to ask but I can't get the help I need to get started. If I had the money to get the essentials I need to start up my own little enterprise I will be set for life, it will mean a much better standard of living for my children and I will be setting them the example they need to become successful in the future. My sons will hopefully join me in the family business once they have finished school, as well as my daughters. I didn't have the best start in life but with your help I can turn it around and give my children the best start and the future they deserve.

I would like to have a team of three people in one van with a trailer and the relevant tools to be able to cut hedges, mow lawns and take on landscape jobs and also use my chainsaw lisence to take on tree surgery jobs and big contracts. Eventually I would like to train up one of my employees and take on another van and trailer and have two teams working under the MGM Tree Surgeon name, also taking on another apprentice with a view to expanding further in the future. I am currently enrolled at college and have a few more courses lined up. Once I am established and I have some sort of cash flow I can pay for more college courses and become more and more qualified. There are 5 chapters to the course I am on and I plan on enrolling and completing them all next year. I can make pretty good money just cutting hedges but the real money will be in the tree felling contracts, and to get the big contracts I need to be fully qualified. It will all come in time, all I need help with is getting the ball rolling, setting out the initial outlay and buying the van, trailer and tools. Once I have those essential items there will be no stopping me, there is so much work out there to be done I need to get out and get stuck in, the sooner I have the equipment the sooner I can earn myself a wage.

I have never begged for money before and it feels kind of strange to me. I would like to add that I would endeavour to pay back every single penny to each contributor to this project. You would not only be transforming my life but also building a solid foundation for my children, they mean everything to me without them all of this would be irrelevant. This wouldn't be just an investment in me but an investment in my children's future, which to me is priceless. I would be forever indebted to you all