mental health awareness

mental health awareness

i would like to raise funds to enable me to do something for a mental health charity.

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Are you goingto be the one that helps? or even help someone like me to help others?

i want to take part in a fundraising event that will enable me to raise money for a charity that is so close to my heart.

For someone like me that has suffured for years and years with anxiety,panic attacks and depression, i know what it is like to feel that no one is capable of helping and no one truly understands. And there isnt enough support available.

i have been through this and im currently still trying to beat it or atleast learn to live with this, i would love to do something challenging for example a skydive or trekking,

i would like to feel a personal achievement and also it would benefit me greatly to know that the money i have raised will go to a good cause, that needs a lot of financial assistants and more media coverage to help people that dont understand.

i will be vlogging on youtube about my personal experiences and how i cope.

So for me to be able to participate in an event i need sponsors so please if you understand and would like to help, please do. if you would like more information about what i intend to do then feel free to email me @