MEND Pay app

small business app to reduce the cost of accountancy services for things like payroll and expenses .

I have several ideas to help small business  owners with things like payroll , instant expenses , etc in a nutshell it's an app called MEND Pay, I've tried to design the app myself online but I'm not very tech savvy so need to invest in a designer and pay a company to design and develop my app to talk to the bank and payroll software . Initial cost of app will be around £1,000 . I will then invest in add on software for the payroll (or design my own payrol software ) this will enable small business owners like bricklayers/ window cleaners/ construction workers to pay their contractors and staff with little accounting knowledge , reducing the accountancy costs to their Busienss. I will then develop and add on from the software to the bank which will enable the bacs transfer to be set up ! As you can see I have several ideas , all I need is funding , and a good software designer - (contact me if you can help )