Media Equipment To Provide Online Art Content

Hoping to raise funds for video and audio equipment to enable me to create online content & continue on my path as an artist.

Two years ago, I set up a crowdfunding project and was astounded at the backing and support I received. it allowed me to give up work, set up and art studio and begin on my path as an artist.

These two years have been amazing, the support and backing from friends, family and complete strangers has just blown me away, I've successfully sold numerous pieces of artworks and commissions, it's been amazing and I consider myself extremely lucky.

It's become more difficult recently, to continue as I had, and the dream of working as an artist full time began to slip through my fingers. 

I've been considering all kinds of options to help me continue my career, I'm not ready to let go of my dream yet!

And a plan began to come together, with some fantastic support and assistance, I've decided that I will begin to create online content, tutorials, speed paintings, reviews of art materials, alongside an interactive website with lessons and lots of free content to hopefully inspire and help as many people as possible

My hope is that exposure from this content, alongside my original paintings and commissions will be enough to allow me to continue on my path of creative expression.

I hope that this project will help me to raise £600, this will pay for a HD camera, lighting and audio equipment, editing software, tripod and accessories, which I can set up in my studio, it will also fund the setting up of an interactive website on which I can share content, lessons and live painting demos