MAUDE is an unusual coming of age tale about the distance between life as you dream it and life as it is.


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Maude is a 'housewife' in her late sixties. While her husband is out at work, she spends her time cleaning and watching television, mainly game shows and old episodes of LOOSE WOMEN. Her only daytime company, Ernie the dog, has recently run away. Feeling trapped in her suburban existence and stale marriage, Maude daydreams about what else her life could be, including becoming the lounge singer she always dreamed about.

Hope of escape comes in the form of a letter notifying her she has won a Mediterranean cruise for two. Maude hides the news from her husband and fantasies about inviting Henri, the handsome Senegalese man who works at her local petrol station.

 As Maude's daydreams involving Henri become more bizarre and frequent, her fantasy world becomes increasingly muddled with her real life...