Masters of Architecture End of Year show

Masters of Architecture End of Year show

We want to create pop up event that showcases the best of our studios work right in the heart of Brighton. Free exhibition, open to all!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Studio 2, from Masters of Architecture, Brighton University welcomes you our end of year show, 'The Pale'.

This weekend, 9th June - 11th June, we are occupying a shop that's under construction in Brighton Square. Come down for a drink and explore the Ashdown Forest through our interventions.

In 1917, exactly 100 years before you will graduate, German architect Bruno Taut conceived a utopian city in the Alps and documented it through 30 illustrated plates in the book “Alpine Architecture”. The treatise developed the ambitious plans for a ‘city’ to be constructed by the same inhabitants of the community. “Alpine Architecture” was not limited to urban planning but condensed Taut’s pacifist and communal ideals as well as his mystical researches.
Houses, pavilions and monuments, all proposed of crystal are intended to reflect and merge with the sun and the landscape. Behind the project of this city is the architect’s reaction to the ongoing first world war, as he envisions a potential new starting point for society in a small, decentralised community. The ideals of beauty and transparency were suggest by Taut as opposition to a materialistic and utilitarian culture.

Bruno Taut, “The Earth is a Good Dwelling” 
This philosophy for a better, healthier human environment - Physically and spiritually - was shared at that time by a diverse number of religious groups many of whom have built their communities, within a 10km radius of one and other - close to the Ashdown Forest in East Sussex.

This year the forest and it's close neighbours will become our territory - physically and demographically.

Exhibition times:
Friday 9th June - 7pm - 9pm (opening event)
Saturday 10th June - 10am - 4pm
Sunday 11th June - 10am - 4pm