Masaba Education Trust-met(Build a classroom)

Please help change a life of a youngsters forever. Those small things we ignore can change ones life! Kindly spread the word and donate.

Hi , my name is Moses founder of Masaba Education Trust(, a British-Ugandan national based in Sheffield-UK with a big dream to make a difference among Ugandan youngster from families with little or no income at all to have education specifically for this cause is to help them attain a skill as the proverb says "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"

Our major objective is to build a vocational school where short and long courses are taught to students to acquire a life time skill which will help them to be job creators than job seekers. To build the institute we shall need land approximately 3-5 acres in rural areas which will cost approximately the above amount of money.

Target group

Myself having come from extremely very humble background,I have seen the power of Education and importance of traning for a skill than acquiring a degree. According to UNESCO and UNICEF,Uganda has the highest school dropout in East Africa, Africa and the world and early girl child pregnancy . Eastern part of Uganda, where I come from has the highest school dropouts including girl child pregnancies in Uganda. According to 2013 research by UNICEF , its stated that in February 2013, it was reported that over one million pupils or about 71% who enrolled in Primary one under the Universal Primary Education (UPE) in 2006, were no longer in school"(
Its therefore this group of youngsters we are targeting to make sure they acquire a life time skill through this project. Courses we shall emphasis on shall be in tailoring, bricklaying,poultry,bee keeping,piggery , carpentry ,hair dressing,nursery teaching and catering among others. We strongly believe this will be a solution to girl child trafficking to middle east whereby we've read and seen horrors they go through including death,rape to mention but a few.

Purchase land
Money raised here will go towards the purchase of land,any extra money shall be used as directed by the sponsors or donors or refunded to those donated or could go towards construction materials such as cement,timber among others as instructed/on request by the donors.

It is quite a large amount I am looking to raise, so I would appreciate if anyone could spread the word. If you are unable to donate, please spread the word by sharing this page with friends, and/or please let me know if you are aware of any potential funding bodies I could approach by emailing me at Your help doesn’t need to be money only,any unwanted or spare salon equipment be it hair dryer,rollers or sewing machine or carpentry tools(non electric) are highly appreciated and I really appreciate any support from people as I undertake this challenging but very exciting journey.In the photo above is one of the many young females seated with her daughter by the side on our program in hair and beauty training,we are working to help such to acquire a skill,this photo was taken last year meanwhile I was there. We've more on the same program and others on different programs. This program has proved to be very expensive with loads of big challanges depending on funds. It would be very economic to have our own run facility and hence this cause. Please help spread the word with others.

Thank you in advance.