Mark Godbeer: UK v Germany for World Championship

Mark Godbeer needs to raise £4,000 to pay for his training camp for upcoming Heavyweight title fight against the German No.1

Project aim

British Mark Godbeer needs to raise £4,000 to pay for his training camp and cover living costs for his upcoming Heavyweight title fight against the German No.1. The project aims to show the world how we treat our atheletes and raise enough money for mark to pay for his training camp so he can bring home the Gold.

About the project

Mark Godbeer from Bridgewater somerset, has fought some of the best in the business including top names from the UFC roster. He has also come back from a devastating broken neck and turbulence in his career which has arisen from changing gym's. Mark is now however back with his roots at "ALL OR NOTHING GYM" in bridgewater.  Mark is the current MMA World Heavyweight Champion and has accepted a match against the German number 1 'Rubens Wolf'. However the UK is not known for its fincancial support of its athletes like the USA, and Mark has had to put his full training schedule on hold as he goes back to backbreaking manual labour as a floor screeder in order to make rent and pay for his training for this matchup.  

On top of his commitments as a world class athlete and having a full time manual job, Mark also has three children he cares for, making the burden on his time even greater, which is why we need to work hard at helping him represent us...lets dig deep and send the "Wolf" Back home to Germany with his tail between his legs.

Support team GB; Support team Godbeer.


Mark needs the support of his friends and family, local and national businesses alike, and indeed all of his fellow countrymen and women and proffessional athletes to make sure he brings home the gold. The sacrifices he is making to represent us are massive. Lets show him we appreciate it and fund his training so he can concentrate on whats infront of him - Rubens Wolf.

The highest donator wins his signed gloves, a signed thankyou picture and a personal thankyou on air after he wins the fight. 


Ruben Wolf - Mark's opponent.