Marketing with a Difference

We want to change the way businesses do online marketing by providing SEO FREE of Charge in return for Results.

Hi there and thank you for visiting our page.

We are a Technology Company working with Small Businesses within the Shropshire, Staffordshire, West Midlands, Worcestershire & Warwickshire areas of the UK.

Our Primary Focus is as a Managed Services Provider (MSP), whereby we Partner with Small Businesses with between 5 and 50 employees, who either do not have or are unable to afford their own in-house dedicated IT Department.

In this capacity, we become the small businesses strategic advisor and partner, not only providing the usual IT Support Services & Help Desk, but focusing on their Internal & External Security, along with Disaster Recovery & Continuity.

All of the above is underpinned by our tag line of "Support Your Growth with The Right IT", which brings us to this next phase and revolution.

As we are a Technology Company working with Small Businesses, helping them to Grow. We have realised that cash flow for Advertising & Marketing is a real struggle for these businesses, let alone trying to sift their own way through all of the SPAM SEO & PPC emails that they receive on a daily basis.

This is where we want to change the way that businesses pay for online marketing, along with ensuring that they continue to receive the best advice and results for their business.

So, instead of purchasing marketing such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), we want to work with our existing partners (small businesses), as well as new businesses / partners, by providing these Marketing Activities Free of Charge.

All that we ask, is that we receive a percentage of all new business that is generated as a result of these efforts.

This will not only help the Business Financially, but will also ensure that the right Marketing efforts are applied for them as a business, as we will have a vested interest in the outcomes.

For this to work though, we require capital / cash flow to kick off the marketing campaigns for these businesses, whilst they become established, which can take 2-3 months.

Initially, we are looking at a reserve of around £10k, which will enable us to work with 10 Small Businesses at any one time. After about 3 months, these businesses will become self-sufficient, enabling us to move on to the next 10 businesses, and so forth.

This £10,000 investment will therefore not be wasted or lost on Trial and Error approaches, as we will be using our proven white hat techniques to market these businesses websites on the internet, in return for commission, which will be put back in to the pot to help another business get started with SEO.

Don’t be alarmed though, when we say move on, we don’t quite mean that in the literal sense. We will of course still be partnered with the small business as it is in both of our interests to keep these marketing activities going. It just means that we will expand our own team, taking on an additional 10 companies each time the central pot is topped back up.

If you would like to help us change the way that small businesses market on the internet, we would really appreciate your help & support in getting this started.

Many thanks in advance