Marketing Baby ltd

A Business project Lancashire, United Kingdom

Marketing Baby ltd

I want to bring cheap marketing to local business to improve the local economy, many small companies cant afford the current rates.

Project aim

I want to bring cheap matlrketing to local business to imrove the local economy, many small companies cant afford the current rates.

About the project

I have worked for a small business for a number of years who wanted to push business forward, we approahed a number of marketing and web design companies who simply wanted to take our money and a lot of it. i diecided to teach myself all the skills necessary and more. in doing so i learnt to create websites etc efficiently and realised all aspects of marketing could be cheaper for the customer. i also increased the company profits by a whopping 300% (and growing). in a struggling economy we should be encourging business not taking all we can. thats why i started Marketing Baby ltd wher we say " your business is our baby" and we mean it. we dont want to knock up a quick website, move on and never look at it again. we want to look at our achievements and be proud. we want our customers success to be our success.

There's a well known saying "all the gear no idea" but unfortunately i have all the idea and no gear which is why i am trying to raise funds. obviously i can create websites etc but i am working from a very outdated slow machine which struggles to handle the newer software so a decent amount would go towards equipment. also i wish to expand my skillset with further software and hardware. being self taught gives me a few great advantages but i do feel customers feel at ease with someone fully qualified so i will also be looking at getting all my relevant certifications.

thank you for your time reading about my project, if you've got this far then i must be doing something right so please support me in supporting my local economy.