Manchester Bombings Appeal -Victims&Medical Staff

Manchester Bombings Appeal -Victims&Medical Staff

In response to the Manchester Arena terror attack, Skin Specialist Ky Dolce is going to give a gift to all Manchester medical A&E staff.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful
In response to the Manchester Arena terror attack, Manchester based Skin Specialist Ky Dolce is going to perform skin pampering treatments on all of the incredibly hard working medical staff that worked in A&E on the night of the attack and have given so much to the victims from the devistating attack.
He has pledged to dedicate a relaxing pamper session to say a big thank you to all the wonderful medical staff that worked non-stop to save so many lives and look after the wounded.
All A&E staff involved at Manchester Royal Imfirmary, Manchester Salford Royal Hospital including all the other hospitals that were involved in looking after the victims and the wounded from the night of the attack shall be given a wonderful treat to give them a little gift whilst raising donations for the families affected by this terrible tragedy. 
Each and everyone of the treatments will be soley performed by Ky Dolce himself at his medical skin clinic based in Manchester city centre, he wishes by doing this to help in anyway he can to raise funds for the families victims who have lost their beautiful children.

Any donation at all would be a blessing and greatly appreciated. All treatments performed on each medical staff shall done over a period of 4 weeks to be able to fit them into clinic hours.

*Note 100% of your donation will go directly to the cause –The Manchester based clinic would prefer to remain anonymous although crowd funder requires identity of the person setting this up, this appeal is purely for families that have lost so much, the clinic owner is kindly donating their own products & supplies including Ky's time to performed each treatment on all A&E medical staff.
RIP Georgina Callander age 18 
RIP Saffie Roussos age 8 
RIP John Atkinson age 26 
RIP Megan Hurley age 15 
RIP Olivia Campbell age 15 
RIP Alison Howe age 44 
RIP Lisa Lees age 43 
RIP Kelly Brewster age 32 
RIP Angelika Klis age 40
RIP Marcin Klis age 42 
RIP Nell Jones age 14 
RIP Martyn Hett age 29 
RIP Jane Tweddle-Taylor age 51 
RIP Sorrell Leczkowski age 14 
RIP Michelle Kiss age
RIP Liam Curry age 19 
RIP Chloe Rutherford age 17
RIP Courtney Boyle age 19 
RIP Philip Tron age 32
RIP Elaine McIver 
RIP Wendy Fawell age 50 
RIP Eilidh Macleod age 14 

Rest in peace & sing with the Angels God Bless each of you & watch over your Heartbroken families