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Malaria Biosensor

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This project is not-for-profit. This project needs your funding to become a reality, to make a donation please register here! Malaria causes over one million deaths a year (World Health Organisation), many of them children in some of the poorest countries on earthÉ Recognising and treating early ensures the best chance of a cure, but diagnosing malaria requires taking blood, lots of disposable equipment and expert interpretation. An expert team at Exeter University have developed a revolutionary new "biosensor" that can detect the presence of malaria in the blood simply by shining a special, polarised light through the sample blood. The size of a Star Trek tricorder, a tiny sample of blood taken from a finger prick (rather than the vein) is instantly analysed for the presence of tiny waste crystal produced by the parasite, and a diagnosis can be made in seconds. What does this mean? It means this device could go on to transform the diagnosis of this terrible disease; allowing rapid screening without the need for expensive tests or experts, saving money, time.. and lives! The malaria biosensor project is a large, international trial, but any device as complex as this and with such widespread implications requires extensive research and testing. Our project is one component of that research, testing the device at Masanga Hospital, a rural, re-developed hospital in Sierra Leone, one of the poorest countries on earth. The data I and my 5 colleagues collect will contribute towards the overall malaria biosensor project, and we hope to do our part to bring this revolutionary new device from dream to clinical reality!This pitch is simply asking for £1100 to help fund the final elements of our project that we have not already been able to fund ourselves through other grants and our own personal fundraising. This £1100 will cover essential administrative, transport and equipment costs for our project: ¥ £100 ethics administration fees for the Sierra Leoni government ¥ £25 transport costs between Freetown and Masanga ¥ £250 for 2x Lifesaver filter bottles (previously our doctors have fallen ill drinking from the only local water sources, these bottle are capable of filtering all of the causative organisms) to learn more, visit: ¥ £725 for a suitable light weight, portable computer used to record data during our trips into the field clinics in the district, and a solar charger for our equipment Not only will many of these help fund our trial of the device, but it will also help us to complete our work in the redeveloping Masanga Hospital, treating patients and carrying out other research projects - so we have to say, we think this is a worthy cause and £1100 well spent on an exciting new area of tropical medicine. We hope you will consider our pitch! For further information, we have attached my CV, the proposal for our project and the 2010 WHO Malaria Report for your reading below!

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On 9th Jun 2012 we successfully raised £1,101 of £1,100 target with 21 supporters in 45 days