Maker Workshop

Let's make a Raspberry Pi & Maker Workshop in Twickenham, for those finding their feet and users of local housing support charities.

Here goes Phase 1 - Enough to buy 2 Single-Board PC devices and I'm putting in the rest of the hardware, both my own and from Freecycle. This will be enough for two people to benefit from the service.

We're targeting service users of housing support & life recovery services particularly, to offer them the time, skills and confidence to make. That is, to make anything...

The service I'm offering to people is to teach them how to use the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, &c Single-Board computers and to give them one of these devices to keep as well as showing them how to use them.

Let's make a Raspberry Pi & Maker Workshop in Twickenham where we can kick off our techie projects in each other's company, making things big and small, learn about the Maker revolution, take part in it, and have it so we give each participant the kit to (attendee, trainee, if you like :) build a tiny PC to keep for themselves, made using their choice of Raspberry Pi / Arduino / similar clones like Banana Pi. These little magic boards are perfect for learning and making, we can solve real commercial solutions,  or (more importantly) learn by doing.

Funding is sought for: Venue, Hardware and ***not*** for hiring! I'm donating myself!

I will host the workshops in regular slots several times a week using a venue of the community centre type, with promising offers of help from local charities.

Please join in either as an attendee or give us a donation. Here's a shopping list: