Make Jamie Liverpools Next Top Model

A Social Enterprise project Liverpool, Merseyside

This is Jamie. He is 8 years old. He can sing, dance, is top of his class at school and a really special little boy. Jamie has lots of friends, he is always polite and he cares about so many things, even world issues that most children know nothing about.

Jamie entered LMI Liverpools competition to become Liverpools Next Top Child Model. This a competition AND fundraiser for The James Bulger Mermorial Trust. He was chosen from thousands of applicants to be a finalist and he is so excited. He gets to have photo shoots, be creative with outfits and walk a catwalk at The Echo Arena in Liverpool.  However his entrance is dependant on a £240.00 sponsorship fee that he needs to raise.

Remember, the competition is also in aid of the James Bulger Memorial Trust and all entrants will be taking part in fundraising for this brilliant charity.

If you can help Jamie realise his dreams and take part in this brilliant event, then please do.  He wants to raise as much as possible 

Thanks so much for reading