Making it Happen !

Making it Happen !

Raising funds to achieve our hard earned dream of completing our first flat.

They did it!

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Project aim

Raising funds to achieve our hard earned dream of completing our first flat.

About the project

We are an everyday couple with a dream to live in our own place. We did rent till we realised rent plus bills come before food and health. The past few years we have lived with family and friends to save up for a deposit for our own place. But with things moving as they are, the deposits to buy a property in our area became more than than we could ever hope to save. In the end, this we year we did manage to buy a one bed flat. Our flat is not the top standard one in the estate agents brochure but it’s one of the old tired places that no one has lived in or loved for a good number of years. Yet it’s ours and that’s what matters to us. We are now trying to make this little flat into a lovable warm place. Our refurb plan is nothing fancy, just the basics kitchen bathroom and heating. However even with all our scrimping and budgeting we are sadly short of funds to make this happen. We worked hard to get this far only to now fall short of much needed funds to help restore our flat. We did approach the bank but got a ' Computer says no answer ' in spite of the fact that we both are a working couple. We were dejected knowing our future could be based on a computer programme that simply doesn’t understand human dynamics. As our financial options are limited we are trying to work all ends to raise the money we need. We came here in the hope of being able to raise the funds we need while also returning the favours in some way to our helpers. I would like to use my artistic talent to say Thank You for your kind gestures. I can either paint something you like or if you prefer to let you choose from one of my painted canvases. 

At the end we would like to say, that no matter the ups and downs that happened in our lives, we are ever so grateful that we had this opportunity to buy our own place. Things can only get better and we look forward to a brighter future from here on. Thank you for taking the time to read and help. Whoever and where ever you are, we wish you much love, luck and happiness. Thank you and God Bless.