Make Contento great

Please come and join in the Contento revolution. Turn this deli into a haven of great food, drink and company

 I opened this deli last year in an area that nobody expected a deli to open. I have done great but people are now wanting to sit in and dine in the deli because they love it so much. I am watching a lot of business walk away due to not being able to sit in. All food at the deli is prepared fresh every day and customers love it. The deli has made 2 of Glasgow's Top 10 food lists within 6 months of opening. We need the funds to turn the deli into a sit in deli where you can come to relax and dine on great foods and drink. Please help turn Contento Deli into the gem that it can be. We will offer 20% off for life to all who fund us. This deli will become a haven for great food, drink and you may even meet new people here as well. Please help turn this great wee place into a bustling yet relaxing haven.