Macclesfield Town "10K Dash"

To raise £10,000 from supporters by 10th November.


To raise £10,000 from supporters by 10th November. 

In August, an overseas benefactor donated £15,000 to the club's "Support Our Silkmen" project which works along side the Silkmen Supporters Trust. This money is purely to help provide crucial cash for recruiting and paying the playing staff and nothing else.

The Benefactor has very kindly offered a challenge. He will match like for like up to the sum of £10,000 any monies that can be generated by the Macclesfield Town fans and supporters. This money will be controlled independently and not be part of the club's main budget.

This is where you, the fans can help. Please donate generously to this fund to achieve the goal. Chester City, Grimsby Town and Lincoln City have all used this facility with success. So lets support John Askey and his team to push for promotion and further success on the pitch.

John Askey is backing this challenge 100% and as usual is grateful for any assistance to achieve this challenge. 

1000 people donating £10 and we are there!

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