UK's 1st FREE Online Estate Agency

To be the first UK Fully Comprehensive Estate Agent to Offer a totally FREE service to the vendor.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We have all heard about online estate agency by now, and how it is turning the way we all sell our homes, into a much more affordable and automated process. 

This issue with online estate agency is that there is so much that is being missed out by automating the process soley online. 

At Lovepad we do all that of a traditional estate agency; we value your property, take professional photos and floorplans, organise your EPC, write up an accurate description and then market it to millions online through our partnered property portals. We even offer conducted viewings. 

The difference between Lovepad and any other online or high street agent is we do all of this for the vendor for FREE!

We want to democratise the entire process, making is accessible for everyone, regardless of budget. 

All the estate agent does is introduce two parties together, which is why Lovepad's approach to sell any home for FREE is innovative and at the cutting edge of where this online estate agency should be! 

By us curtailing customers into useing our conveyancers we are creating a superstore for homesales! Having the entire process under one super-roof! 

By offering our service for FREE in exchange for the vendor using our conveyancing service, we are able to control the entire process start to finish, see where the chain is at any given moment, update the vendor with the very latest news as soon as we get it - all whilst saving them a small fortune in what is basically an introductory service between buyer and seller! Genius!