#LoveBradford World Record Attempt

Love Bradford Word Record Attempt - 15/09/16 With your support we aim to form the‘Longest chain of people making heart-shaped hand gesture

Bradford is a vibrant district, a strong caring community, and has a diversity that we should celebrate.

To reflect these qualities staff at Bradford Council are leading on a community-wide world record attempt at City Park on  15th September 2016.

With your support we will form the‘Longest chain of people making heart-shaped hand gestures’. The current world record stands at 2,287 people. Let's show the world how positive and united the people of Bradford can be and break this record!!

#LoveBradford? Then join us, join in, be part of something great for the city, the district and its people!

As well as breaking a world record,  the event will also include the creation of  a mass participation heart shape  in City Park, and include  entertainers and big surprises. 

In order to achieve this we are seeking sponsorship from local people and businesses to help cover the cost of World Record adjudication and event costs.  Moneys in excess of the cost of the event will go to the Bradford Lord Mayor's chosen charity Young Minds.

With thanks

The #LoveBradford Team