Louise Jones Memorial Fund

This is for a memorial fund for my caring mother, Louise Jones. Any help is very much appreciated, flower donations are also welcome.

This is for a memorial fund for my wonderful, caring mother, Louise Jones.  She passed away on the 3rd of August 2016. Louise had a very hard up bringing  and struggled to cope with it for the rest of her life. Anyone who knows her was aware of how much she had done for others, even if it was only a message online, she was there. L ouise was a very open minded person ready to defend and provide support for those who suffered injustice or any form of bullying. Although she was there for others, unfortunatley she had never found the strength to help herself through the tough times she had. This memorial fund will be used for flowers, the church costs and any other parts of the funeral. Anything left over will be given to a local charity who provides help to persons suffering abuse. 

Salimah x