London - Germany on Fixie

London - Germany on Fixie

I am going to cycle from London Munich, Germany on a fixie bicycle while raising awareness of youth homelessness.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I've had really bad days in the streets of London. My only friends were the omeless and I got to experience what it's like to be homeless. No one wants to be in this situation.

Cycling helped me clear my mind what I felt like I was losing it.

When no one would help me, this homeless day centre (charity) for youth under 21 years of age accepted me and they really took care of me like family. I will forver be greatful.

Now I sleep in an emergency night stop and not on the streets anymore thanks to their referral and things are better on my side, it's my last 2 months in Europe and I would really like to cycle the continent and give back to the charity which saved me.

My passion for cycling never died and now I am determined to cycle from London -> France -> Germany and back to London all to raise funds for the homeless day centre. I will only mention the centre if the fund raising gold is met.

Your Donation Could Help Fight Youth Homelessness

Lived on the streets for a long time so I know how bad it is to be homeless. I'm really determined to give back to say a big thank you to the charity and getting young people off the streets.

Only your contribution could make this happen. Please donate and share. Help fight youth homelessness.