LLIONIA is a innovative spirituality company fused with beauty...

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LLIONIA is a innovative spirituality beauty to help people recover, self-love hope and heal! A range coming from the heart for people who need to take-care of themselves and heal!

My mother passed away very suddenly from a stroke in February and her name was LLIO and my name is NIA so the company is called LLIONIA  Ever since it happened I have had to seriously slow down from my corporate life in London and move back to Wales - I've spent my time learning about essential oils and carrier oils and trying to overcome the sudden loss of my mother who I loved very much.  Llio, my mother was a beautician and it helps me feel closer to her. I am also a beautician, studied over 60 hours of aromatherapy essential oils and I have a PR and marketing background plus social media to get it all off the ground.  The BRANDING is amazing and has already been sorted by someone amazing and talented!!

I have studied towards this brand for over 1 year, taking aromatherapy courses, studying alongside teachers and creating 100's of balms and bath oils. Attending courses to look about raw materials and emulsification of moisterisors. I have attended trade shows including the biggest beauty show in Paris and made amazing contact with suppliers who all believe in myself and the brand.  I believe I have used my grief positively. I really want to develop this brand to help people realise something positive can come out of darkness and to help people slow down and help people healing.  Everything can turn around for the better, all the pain can be relieved to come out and renew to something new. All the products have been divided up and grouped together, we just need a formulator to make sure they are absolutely perfect and pay for testing…

Through grief I have had to go on a complete journey to get back on track. The products will consist of a few families. Vetiver and deep rooted essential oils in a balm to help ground people. Self-love is so important, a self-love body oil and scrubs for spiritual cleansing. There will be spiritually charged bath oils, transcend, higher self, grounding and self-love! Plus a wonderful Epsom salt to cleanse! There are certain oils that are predominant in the collection from Rose Geranium, vetiver, vanilla, rosemary, grapefruit, petigrain, frankincense….

I have facilities to start this brand off from kitchen and do by hand rather than going through a factory to manufacture with minimums.  It costs approx 1-1.5k to bring a brand new product to launch and I am looking to do 10 products all at once!!! Safety assessments, Product design, Label design, Printing, Bulk ordering, Stationary, Photography, Packaging.  I have done all the costings for creating this brand - 14k product development, 5k website, the branding has all been done already, 3k packaging.  And raw materials to get started!

 The brander has been a joy to find and she is absolutely amazing! It was a complete spiritual alignment finding someone so passionate and good to do the branding, her mother died too in her sleep in April. 

 I have some funds towards LLIONIA but I'd love to get it up and going asap and continuing my other job to fund it has been a lot to take on board with this. I’ve been trying to work my hardest to fund it from my PR business and working myself way too hard but I am passionate about getting it done!  I have been studying the oils for so long and have grouped them into receipes as far as I can go and I really need funding for a talented formulator I have to help me with the next steps!

I would hugely appreciate people helping myself towards my goal, the whole ethos of the brand is that it is from the heart, will help people in suffering, will create jobs in Wales and help people! You would be donating towards a spiritual brand inspired by the Course of Miracles and Gabrielle Bernstein and it's a cosmic universal way of showing your support to spirituality and tilthing!  

This means a LOT to me to carry on the legacy of my mother, she was a kind hearted women who helped so many people and I want her to live through this brand and help people everyday!!!

The INSTAGRAM PAGE and social media is all in the works!!!

Lots of Love!