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Years ago, I climbed Mount Everest. I literally didn’t climb the highest mountain on Earth, but metaphorically; I manage to learn and...


Years ago, I climbed Mount Everest. I literally didn’t climb the highest mountain on Earth, but metaphorically; I manage to learn and importantly understand markets. Part of them, which is psychology of market itself and people behind it I mastered.

I get so many emails about “where do I Start?”, “how do I learn to trade?” The very simply stupid answer is: LEARN! Educate yourself! Yah dummy! The problems are that so many of you just hop in the chat room. Don’t have a god damn clue about what you are doing. And think you can just WING IT? Wing
it?!?! WING ITTTTT?!?!! In the stock market!!? Where there is a 90% failure rate!? Sure go for it! It’s actually what I did. Only it took me about 3 years of losing before I ever made money! Lost money... big deal... Follow those footsteps... be my guest...Have fun.

The thing about me is that I never gave up. I was hungry, and had the spare time and freedom to do so. Now at the age of 30... Well almost 40... I don’t have 3 years to waste screwing around like an idiot. And I’m sure many of you don’t either.

One of my favourite quotes and future tattoos is “success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm” – Winston Churchill

I know you want to make money NOW. And you want it to be easy... But come on. The stock market is a test. Just about the hardest test you will ever take in your life. And I know a lot of you who start trading are using money that you can’t afford to lose. Yet rather than thinking about how you can protect your
investment. You have your thumb up your ass fantasizing about how much money  you’re going to make.

Sure there are a lucky few who made some big wins by chance. But the vast majority are so anxious about getting started because you see some blog post, Fb post, or some story from a friend about how I or one of my students made a load of money. But the only reason why I can make money trading is because I have a strategy that works, I know this strategy like the back of my hand, and I
don’t break the rules of the game.

Unfortunately it took me a long time to get here. But you can literally fast track and have the knowledge it took me years to obtain in just 3 months.

When I made my first trade, for a loss of course, I seriously didn’t have one effing clue what I was doing. If I could go back and meet myself nearly 10 years ago. I would love to punch that punk ignorant kid square in the face. In fact I’d love to punch a lot of you in the face because you are making the same mistake
that I did. It’s hard to get that message across, how important going through training is. But it’s the honest to god truth. I could seriously be so much farther ahead in trading right now if I had the RidDom training class to go through first back in a day.

Please. Do not make the same mistake that I made. I promise you will look back and thank me for this.

Or you will have lost everything and think...  Damn it why didn’t I listen to Dom!!

I have learned and tested strategy developed and used by the most amazing trader ever lived, Mr Jesse Livermore. I will give away my entire knowledge and skills absolutely free to individuals helping me achieve my goal, which is trading account of 2.000£.

Thank you very much for reading my story.

Dominik Gasiorowski