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LettUs Grow

LettUs Grow brings food growing into the home. We reduce food waste and grow you the freshest salad possible. Simple, fun, and sustainable.

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £9,688 of £5,000 target with 96 supporters in 128 days
  • This crowdfunder is for pre-orders of our first LettUs Grow products (and a number of other fun prizes), please take the time to look through them and pledge if you’re able.
  • Thanks to our brilliant supporters we managed to reach the last 80 of VOOM 2016 and pitch to the Virgin Business panel.

What are we doing?

LettUs Grow is a new startup company based in Bristol, UK. We are passionate about the capacity of hydroponics and the wider urban farming sector to reduce food waste and bring people closer to great, fresh produce.

We have taken a slightly different approach to conventional urban farms, which normally grow large quantities of leafy greens in city-based warehouses and distribute those to their customers.

Our products and installations instead grow small salads and herbs right next to the plate – in your home, office, or restaurant.


Picture 1 & 2: Our beautiful seedlings being grown in an installation at the LettUs Grow offices, Bristol.


Product Range

Our initial product range consists of a kitchen-top “Herb Garden” with capacity for 4 herb plants, and the “Salad Bar” that can grow up to 12 herb or salad plants at any one time.

Via our E-cosystem web application you can get reminders on when to add water, replenish the nutrients, and can even operate your system remotely at work. Best of all we help you find out how much salad you’ve saved. 

Our aim is to keep our pricing accessible to as many households as possible, so have designed affordable products that pay for themselves in 6-12 months of growing. Fresh, healthy food shouldn't be expensive.



In the UK we waste over 45% of our produced salad products every year. This means we throw away at least £690 million annually.

LettUs Grow is a technology company on a mission - to reduce that 45% [1] and provide easy access to fresh, tasty greens in the modern home. 

Our solution is to design products, using our own blend of LED and soilless growing technologies, that bring salad growing into the home.


Picture 3: The Herb Garden in-situ.


Great Food

The LettUs Grow vision is a salad garden in every kitchen, a chili plant in the living room. Housed in attractive but affordable LettUs Grow products, these will provide an interesting set piece for any room and cut down on the ridiculous amount of salad vegetables wasted every year.

Instead of buying half-dead salad leaves at a shop and wasting as much as you use, we'll let you pick your food on demand. You won’t beat the taste or freshness of a plant grown on your kitchen counter and there certainly won’t be any food or plastic waste!


Picture 4: The Salad Bar and Herb Garden in-situ.



Young families without growing space would now be able to teach their children how to grow healthy food using educational resources on our E-cosystem application. Automated growth plans mean it’s easy to grow different plants without being an expert.

That is the LettUs Grow vision – help us make it your reality. 


How they work

All Lettus Grow products build on research being conducted at the University of Bristol [2]. They utilise Red and Blue LED lighting allowing you to grow plants anywhere in the home really efficiently - not just on a crowded windowsill.

We completely remove the need for soil in our system, making them mess free! By combining wicking hydroponics and NASA inspired fogponics [3] we maximise the water efficiency of our system meaning you can grow plants faster and have to water them less! 

b9cd86fdfce5ca241b13d31fd3e3d53d.pngSimply add the water and nutrients to the growing chamber and plant your seeds. The application will let you know when you need to re-water your plants or replenish their nutrients. Detailed instructions will be provided as standard and will be available through the E-cosystem web application. To keep things simple we will be able to provide you with more seeds and nutrients, but you can buy them from elsewhere if you wish.

The whole purpose of the E-cosystem is to keep growing your own simple and fun. You can just use the app to select automated growth plans for your plants, or you can really jump in and create your own growth 'recipe' to share with the growing community!


Our Plan:

We have been working on our LettUs Grow products ever since the team met in Autumn 2015. It’s been a great journey and we’ve learned an incredible amount along the way – to the point where we now have the designs (which you can see above) and working prototypes that will allow us to push towards sales in early 2017.

Your support through this crowdfunder will give us the capital to pay for injection moulds and set up our first production run for Winter 2016. Of course it will also mean we can deliver our first products to all you wonderful people at the same time!

We will be working tirelessly to support you all as our early-adopters and collect your feedback on what you love about the products or where we can improve. Taking this all on board we can push on towards a full retail launch to UK customers in 2017.



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Our Team:

We are a passionate group of young entrepreneurs from the University of Bristol - largely made up of biology and engineering graduates.  We believe we need to take back control of our food and that our good intentions are simply not enough.

LettUs Grow solves many of the problems we see in the global food system so we had to start-up. Our hope is to build a worldwide community of food growers who can make a real difference.

So please join the growing community and LettUs Grow!


Picture 5: Jack, Ben, and Charlie, at the VOOM 2016 competition pitching round.



[1] - Ventour, L. (2008) The food we waste. Available at: (Accessed: 11 May 2016).

[2] - Franklin, K. (2008) ‘Shade Avoidance’, New Phytologist, 179, pp. 930–944.

[3] - NASA (2008) ‘Experiments Advance Gardening at Home and in Space’, Spinoff, , pp. 94–95.

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