Letters To The Dead An Arts project from Brighton, UK, Brighton by nickhudsonindustries

& 39;Letters To The Dead& 39; is the fourth in a sequence of five albums I& 39;m making, to be known as & 39;The Phoenix Archaeologies& 39;. It has been recorded using only acoustic instruments, in churches, studios and at home, all on a very minimal budget. In essence it& 39;s a modern classical record with elements of folk balladry, musique concrete, doom and progressive rock.

The album follows a narrative - encompassing abandoned children, a Victorian spirit medium, a seance, ocean-dwelling undead sprites, and a trial....  It features contributions from a diverse, international array of artists from the worlds of modern-classical, UK indie, avant-garde composition and performance art. Collaborators include songwrtier Stuart Lee, alongside members of Kayo Dot, Hazel Rah, The Electric Soft Parade, and many more.  Many of these have contributed their parts via e-mail; it is the first time I have constructed a record in this manner. An internationla supergroup, if you will...

With the mainstream music industry mid-collapse, independent artists are using interfaces such as Crowdfunder to connect directly with their fans - seizing the day as it were, and acting as autonomous agents of their own art.  We believe that it is only worth issuing music in physical form if the result is something approximating an art object - hence if our bid to fund this project is successful, the resulting artifacts will be take form within beautiful materials and exquisite design.

Antithetic Records and Alter Clef Records will be co-releasing a limited edition vinyl of the record, alongside a CD and a DVD of related visual material, featuring film work by Chris Purdie, amongst others.  These will be available as a grand package, and as independent components.  Also we shall make available a limited edition printed & 39;zine& 39; of the libretto, with the lyrics and images.

In November we shall be staging a series of expanded concerts where we shall present the work in full, with visual projections, contemporary dance, staged sequences, etc.

We are looking here to raise funds, via Crowdfunder, to matchfund the contributions that each label is putting towards the project.  It& 39;s my most far-reaching, ambitious musical project thus far, and I& 39;ll be enormously grateful to any of you who feel inclined to help facilitate it.  Thank-you in advance.

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£ 1,581 RAISED OF £1,200 TARGET
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PLEDGE £10.00 OR MORE 11 backers so far The CD digipak and acknowledgement in the album sleevenotes.
PLEDGE £20.00 OR MORE 8 backers so far CD digipak and download (w/ access to a hidden bonus track), acknowledgement in the album sleevenotes and a handwritten thank-you note and a dedicated handwritten haiku.
PLEDGE £30.00 OR MORE 10 backers so far Vinyl, DVD, CD Digipak, download, acknowledgment in the album sleevenotes, a handwritten thank-you note and haiku.
PLEDGE £50.00 OR MORE 7 backers so far Vinyl, DVD, CD, download, acknowledgement in the sleevenotes, thank-you note, haiku, limited-edition libretto booklet, handmade talisman, and an invitation to Letters To The Dead concerts, late 2012.
PLEDGE £70.00 OR MORE 0 backers so far Same as the £50 reward but with a handmade extremely-limited-edition CD of unreleased material, and a handwritten lyric sheet of a song of your choosing from Letters To The Dead
PLEDGE £100.00 OR MORE 3 backers so far Same as the £70 reward but with a piece of original Letters To The Dead artwork, and an invitation to have Nick Hudson perform a personal concert in your living room (Brighton/London area only).