23rd June - Letters to Europe

23rd June - Letters to Europe

To send a message of peace and friendship from the 48% to our European friends on the 23rd June.

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 5:21pm 14th June 2017



Students4EU is joining forces with EU Flags at the Proms Team to achieve a project for the 48% on the 23rd June 2017.

The Project -  Letters to Europe

'Letters to Europe' is a project for the 48% to send a message of peace, friendship and unity to Europe on 23rd June.

Sponsor a letter for £2 and make the voice of the 48% heard in Europe!

Our aim is to hand deliver deliver letters to European citizens to make a symbolic show of our opposition to Brexit on the anniversary of the EU Referendum. The letters, from Remainers and addressed to an 'European friend' will be distributed to members of the public in Brussels on 23rd June.

Website: http://www.lettersto.eu/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Letters-to-Europe-1308004625913466/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Letters2EU

What’s It All About?

We want to take a post bag full of letters from the 48% over to Brussels and distribute them to members of the public. Each letter will be addressed to an 'European Friend' and will include the following;

 1) a Brexit Testimonial (a personal account of how Brexit has affected a member of the 48%),

2) a postcard with a message of friendship and some information about the campaign project

3) an EU Peace Dove Badge.

Letters can be sponsored for £2 each, they will be addressed 'to a European friend' and they will distributed by Students4EU to members of the public in Brussels. The more money we raise the more letters can be distributed as a gesture of friendship to our European allies. If we raise enough money we will be able to hire a red bus to take the letters over and raise the profile of the campaign and achieve greater media coverage for the Remain campaign.

This project is about making our voices heard in Europe and creating friendship ties to bridge the divide that Brexit threatens to drive between us.

How to Support the Project

Support the project by donating to the crowdfunder. You can pledge to sponsor a letter from as little as £2! The more you can donate to the project, the greater the impact will be. We also encourage people to write a Brexit Testimonial which will be given out along with the postcards and the badges. BrexitTestimonialsWebsite

You can also pledge to receive your own pack of 10 EU Peace Doves badges or anti-Brexit postcards to send out to your friends and family.

Participate in the Project

Anyone can participate in the project, by writing a Brexit Testimonial regardless of whether you make a donation to the crowdfund. But we will gratefully receive all pledges you are able to make to support the project as we want to take as many letters with us as possible,  and have the biggest impact we can achieve.  

Submit your Brexit Testimonial on the Website: https://keepusinthe.eu/BrexitTestimonials

Project Extension

If the project is popular, then it can be taken further, extending to additional European cities. This is about creating real human connections and sending messages of peace, hope, love and unity to the European community.

Find out more information on our website: http://www.lettersto.eu/