Letterbox Lashes

Letterbox Lashes

I hope to gain enough capital to allow this dream to become a reality and make false eyelashes easier and stress free!

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 26th Nov 2016 our project closed

Letterbox Lashes is an idea that grew from personal experience and a product need. 

Many women in todays society rely on makeup and beauty products as an essential. Watching beauty videos and tutorials makes you realise the demand and audience for certain products there is. 

False eyelashes are used in majority of makeup tutorial videos, they're used for all occassions and many women struggle to find the 'perfect pair'. Here at Letterbox Lashes we send out a monthly subscription, with 3 pairs of lashes in, these will vary from month to month. Allowing women to try various styles, using more extravagent pairs for special occasions, and more natural pairs for day to day use. 

Each pair of eyelashes comes in an individual plastic case which is reusable, as false eyelashes can last 2-5 wears depending on how well they are looked after. 

Each month the customer will receive a box, which fits through a letterbox (hence the name!) allowing the customer not to worry about whether they will be at home to accept the parcel. The box, as well as including 3 pairs of false eyelashes, will include a postcard with tips, tricks and beauty hacks, each will be numbered allowing the customer to keep a collection of beauty looks. 

The box will have the branded logo on the front, colour branded tissue paper in the middle, and a synopsis about the brand on the inside of the lid. 

I am asking you to help me bring my project to life.

If you fund £18 you will receive one subscription box.

If you fund £45 you will receive a 3 months subscription.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my dream.

Love, Letterbox Lashes x