Let's flush the crappy Crohn's

Living with Crohn's is a nightmare. We're trying to help a Crohn's sufferer of nearly 40 years gain access to a downstairs toilet to help

Living with Crohn's is a nightmare, constant pain, tiredness, ulcers, needing to go to the toilet urgently, unable to eat a wide range of foods, weight loss and a list of other symptoms. The cause of the diseases is unknown and there currently is no cure.

This page is to help a Crohn's sufferer of nearly 40 years gain the funds of a much needed downstairs toilet. The toilet is needed due to her Crohn's getting worse and with a number of other problems being able to get upstairs all the time is increasingly difficult. 

We want to raise enough to be able to transform the large understairs cupboard into a downstairs toilet, so she doesn't have to endure the pain and torture of trying to race up the stairs whenever nature calls. 

Unfortunately Crohn's is also accountable for other illnesses such as depression, anxiety. It has caused this Crohn's patient to be unable to work for many years, but due to the stigma and poor understanding from the government she is unable to claim more than just £30 per week to live on.

Please help change someone's life. We have kept the identity of the Crohn's sufferer as they feel embarrassed and ashamed having to ask for help. Please help us work together to break the stigma around IBD and change the life of someone who needs not just something positive, but to feel supported by thcommunity.

We will keep you updated throughout. Thank you.